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Ada Rajszys (Brussels)

Ada Rajszys (Brussels)

Who would like to "wear" a severe disease?

The first Marina Yee's T-shirt design made me think of a black hole (one of the great mysteries of the universe as great as the mystery of the heart which it covers) which absorbs all matter and even light (which is not really matter) in an endless fascinating cruel spiral.

Her subtle pattern was respected in its shape and movement, something
endless, something moving, centred on the heart... but became a combination of a red and a black spiral, a duality evoking the transmission of a disease, a general state of illness invading the body. Transmission by blood vessels carries as well life as death.

This design mixes fragility, the red spiral which invaded the t-shirt like a
second skin, a see-through skin and the black spiral its complementary
element, it's opposite...sensibility and cruelty together.

Suffering is invisible to our eyes, fragility and dangerous thoughts deep
inside too (finally, love can be dangerous). Invisible becomes heavy to
"wear", if someone is standing under the look of trained and attentive eyes.

All starts with what cannot be seen and finishes by being anyhow spread all over and inside our body, our fashion tolerance or fascination included. "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." Oscar Wilde

A spiral bound as well, as endless as it can be, but with fashion often it
is difficult to transmit an idea and if it succeed in transmitting this idea
perhaps it becomes less anecdotal to wear.

Who would like to wear this "severe" t-shirt finally?